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What Was The Third Podcast Ever On Barstool Sports?

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After yesterday’s Chicago Dog Walk, I was asked to kind of tell this story so here you go.

It was December of 2013.

I was 23 years old and still in school at Southern Illinois. I had started helping out at Barstool 5 months prior when Big Cat made me the Bears blogger. I’d write a pregame blog every Friday and then a postgame one every Monday. Sometimes I’d chip in on smokeshows by organizing the spreadsheet that had the girls information on it so we could invite them to Barstool events and make sure we kept track of who was posted on what day.

Big Cat was only on one podcast, which to be honest with you, is even hard for me to believe with the way things are now. The podcast was KFC Radio and it wasn’t just a podcast, it was an awesome internet TV show that we all watched on Youtube. Regardless of what it was, KFC Radio is what paved the way for podcasting at Barstool Sports. After KFC Radio came, another Clancy Brothers production that was called Mailtime to chronicle life in the cube.

So after getting a year under my belt blogging Bears and seeing the Clancey brothers do their thing with this new-ish media format, I thought to myself about how awesome it would be to start a sports podcast on Barstool called “The Chicago Sports Roundup.”

I still remember texting Dan and then DM’ing Whitesoxdave, Carl and Chief. It was a mixed response of “What the fuck is that?” to “Yeah, sure let’s do it.” So then after doing a little bit of organizing, we launched the show in January of 2014 with special guest Mike Pantazis. If you don’t know who Mike Pantazis is, then boy do I have a video for you.

“Michael Pantazis I’m from the northside of Chicago. I played football at Sullivan High School. I played defense, offense, I got great hands…I played football my whole life. I love it baby.”

That’s a fucking Chicagoan if I’ve ever seen one.

Anyway, the show only lasted about 6 months or so because the Cubs and Sox were in the midst of shitty seasons. It wasn’t a very good show, but it sucked seeing it end because it was something that we did before everybody in the world had a podcast. Before podcasting would turn into a huge cog in this $100 million dollar Barstool machine.

Telling this story today is where it kinda comes full circle with the Chicago guys being hired full-time, and launching our new 15-20 minute daily Chicago podcast that I’m in charge of called “Chicago Dog Walk.” It’s going to be a show with a rotating panel of all the Barstool Chicago guys/guests to talk about anything/everything about the city. The whole thing is absolutely surreal to me, and I couldn’t be more excited.

But, anyway…that’s the story. Here’s a link to the first ever episode of Chicago Sports Roundup with Mike Pantazis, and then below it is a link to Chicago Dog Walk. I hope you like it.

We should be ready to go on all platforms in a week or so.