SPORTS: I Predicted A Double Doink In The Clemson/'Bama Game & There Have Now Been Two Doinks

Ok, no, it wasn’t the same as the Bears’ fated Double DOINK (Two Doinks, One Post), but nevertheless there were two DOINKS in this game as I predicted (along with a seemingly inevitable Clemson victory).

(Thanks for capturing that one, Big Wang Boi Productions.)

It’s currently 44 – 16 & Clemson has pretty much won the game with 10 minutes left in the 4th.

But wait, there’s still time… Did I speak too soon? Could this even be a triple doink game?


No. Because that’s not what I predicted & I’m on a hot-damn heater right now. $$$$$$$$$$$$

And please note in the log that if you listen to the first 5 seconds of last night’s Electric Chair I basically called those doinks in a roundabout way, too. I think I’ve finally found my expertise here at Barstool SPORTS. Please stay tuned for my new podcast, Pardon My DOINK. All doinks, all the time.