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White Sox Close to Acquiring Manny Machado's Best Friend From Childhood, Jon Jay

So the White Sox have now traded for Yonder Alonso, Manny Machado’s best friend/brother in law and now signed Jon Jay, Machado’s best friend growing up.

Here’s a fantastic article detailing how close Jay, Alonso and Machado actually are.

Side note, the Player’s Tribune is so, so good

Love it.  Hahn is on an all out assault for Machado.  The only problem here is, is that Jon Jay is a pretty marginal baseball player at this point.  He’s basically just a “meh” player with zero power who can hit an occasional gap and catch the ball in the outfield.  So while I appreciate the attempt to lure Machado to a team coming off a 62 win, the team didn’t necessarily get “better”.  Oh wait, they had a player who was worth almost negative wins manning CF for them last year, so yeah, they did.

So does this signing help?  Yes.  How much?  Probably just enough to really make Manny think about the Sox.  Ultimately, like 99% of free agents, it boils down to money.  So this is what Hahn has to do for Manny next:

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.30.16 PM

Hand him that and say “sign a number”.

This saga all needs to come to an end, and come to an end asap because I’m slowly losing my mind.