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AJ McCarron's Reaction To Realizing His Girlfriend Is Going To Inevitably Dump Him Is Priceless

Mo blogged this last night but he put up a picture and headline of Lebron on the super blog for some reason so I don’t know if everyone realized what it was and saw it. Absolutely priceless. It takes a lot to ruin the night of the man who just threw for 4 TD and won what was being called by many the biggest college football game of all time. But that reporter did it. Dude went from Cloud 9 to Cloud Black Dudes Wanna Fuck My Girlfriend in about 20 seconds. Like I’m pretty sure right now if AJ McCarron could take back the BCS Championship, he would. Let Notre Dame win that game and he gets to go back to his normal life of being a championship quarterback who peaks in college while getting to fuck an absolutely perfect anonymous smokeshow until the day he dies on some farm in Alabama. Either that or he goes back in time and tells that bitch to watch at home so he keeps Brent Musberger’s penis and her Klout score down.