Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 7-7-1 and do not let the big game distract you from other winners. I will alsobe threading the needle tonight and I can’t wait.


Clemson vs Alabama -5.5

We will be at the sports book tonight and it will be degenerate city. I have a shit ton of bets in already that and I am a bit scared. I am threading the needle with a teaser of Clemson +11 and Alabama +.5. I do not see Alabama losing this game as their defense is obviously superior bur Tua has experience in this game..even though it was only a half. Listen the logic of this pick is you do not get rich betting against Alabama and Nick Saban will have this Clemson team down to a science.

Pick Alabama -5.5


Lakers @ Mavericks -8

The Lakers are obviously not a good team without LeBron as they lost three in a row and one of those were to the shitty Knicks team. The Lakers are just trying to get through these tough times without their best player and I think they keep this game close tonight especially as they look forward to return home after this game. The Mavericks haven’t been anything special as well so giving 8 points is a bit much.

Pick Lakers +8 

Knicks @ Portland -11.5

This is easy because the Knicks have absolutely no chance. They are coming off a win against the Lakers and they played pretty well against the Nuggets. The Trailblazers just play too fast and their backcourt is going to ruin them. If McCollum wasn’t playing I would still feel so confident in Portland. They are about to go on a run especially after a good win against the Rockets. The Knicks just do not match up and they blow them out.

Pick Blazers -11.5 


Niagara +3

This is a big night to start the week off hot and it is always nice to have a good game on. I feel real confident in these so lets get this money.