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The Jets Should Hire Rob Ryan As Their New Defensive Coordinator And Just Go Full Fledged Circus

Listen next year and really the rest of the entire Rex Regime is never gonna be successful. The Jets have no shot winning a Super Bowl with the way the franchise is being run. So why don’t we just say fuck it. Hire Rob Ryan as D Coordinator and rather than act like the New York Jets are a real sports franchise, lets just treat it as sports entertainment. Just like its the WWF. We all know its not real but its still entertaining as shit to watch. Have Rex get fat as fuck again, make sure Rob grows his hair out as long as can be, and have them both wear Legion of Doom spikes like Hawk and Animal. We’re gonna win like 4 games max next year as it is, and Rex will inevitably get the boot at some point. Might as well be the most entertaining team the league has ever seen. Good luck doing the post game hand shake with Rex and Rob, folks! Put your asses through a couple of tables like the fucking Dudley Boyz or hit you with a double DDT like the Nasty Boyz. We may go 3-13 but we’ll be the Tag Team Champions of the NFL.


Absolutely hilarious. Just a spectacular quote. So cocky and delusional it may just be enough to bring back the old Rex. I’m being dead serious when I say I want the Jets to bring him in. Rex and Rob Ryan on the sidelines together would 500% be the greatest/least successful sports duo of all time.