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Allow Jake Elliott Crushing Some Game Winning Field Goals To Help Ease You Through The Rest Of Your Monday

If the Eagles don’t beat the Houston Texans on December 23, they’re not in the playoffs right now. The season was on the line. 35-yards out. It comes down to the right foot of Jake Elliott. And Jake “Hammer Cock” Elliott drills it right down the middle of Broad Street for the win.

Or how about in week 12 against the Giants? Eagles were 4-6 at the time. A loss to the Giants at home not only would have been a dagger in the season, but it would have been absolutely humiliating for the defending champs. Less than 30 seconds on the clock. Game is tied 22-22. Jake Elliott from 43-yards away…

…money. Absolute money. If you take the netting away from behind the goal posts, that ball lands directly between sections 129 and 130. And speaking of the Giants–how could we ever forget September 24, 2017?

And even though this wasn’t technically a “game winner”, we have to throw Jake Elliott in there scoring the final points of Super Bowl LII to put the icing on the cake for the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Just for good measure.

There’s an alternate universe out there where Jake Elliott decides to stick with tennis rather than start playing football in high school. There’s an alternate universe out there where the Bengals hold on to Jake Elliott after drafting him in the 5th round of the 2017 draft instead of putting him on the practice squad after losing the starting job to Randy Bullock. There’s an alternate universe out there where Caleb Sturgis doesn’t get injured and the Eagles don’t have the need to pick Jake Elliott off of Cincinnati’s practice squad. There’s an alternate universe where Cody Parkey doesn’t get injured and he’s still the kicker here in Philadelphia. There are so many things that needed to happen in this universe to bring Jake Elliott to the Philadelphia Eagles, and all of those things happened. And because of that?

The Eagles are Super Bowl LII Champions and their season is still alive today after beating the Bears 16-15 last night. I’m not a big religion guy or anything like that. But I wake up every morning thanking a higher power for bringing Jake Elliott to Philadelphia and I do the same thing every night before I go to sleep. And not only is he an absolute assassin when it comes to murdering balls through the uprights, but he’s also a real standup guy as well.


If there are such things as Kicking Gods, Jake Elliott has done everything in his power to get in their good graces. Hopefully they continue to repay him in a dome on Sunday.