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This Seahawks Fan Learned A Very Important Lesson About NFL Playoff Fights After Battling 3+ Cowboys Fans On Saturday Night

And the lesson today is…

Don’t get into a fight while wearing a shirt of the road team during an NFL playoffs game!

Wait, anybody that didn’t already know that lesson shouldn’t even be allowed inside the stadium or to ever leave their house alone because that’s the most basic knowledge any human on the planet should be born with. I’m not saying it’s even close to right, but it’s true. The real lesson here is that if you have long hair and are repping the road team in enemy territory, you should put your hair in a ponytail or some sort of man bun to avoid getting it pulled during any potential fights. Especially if you are around Cowboys fans, who are number 1 in my Power Rankings for NFL Fanbases that are most likely to pull hair during fights (along with most likely to have two earrings, have way too much gel in their hair, wear cologne to a football game, or bring up Super Bowls titles their team won in the 90s before Robbie Fox was even born). I would give the Cowboys fans shit for being cowards and teaming up on this guy, but every NFL fanbase has a bunch of idiots that would do the same. Just like every NFL fanbase has fans with long hair. But a “12” from Seattle not being smart enough to put his hair up in some weirdo Seattle way to prevent getting his hair pulled and his bell rung by some big dickheads in Big D is just sad to see.