Derrick Rose Telling Those Who Don't Think He'll Be The Same Player To Kill Themselves Is A Little Much

I get it, Derrick Rose is an emotional guy. His coach, the only one in the entire NBA that actually believed he wasn’t washed up and gave him another shot just got canned. That’s tough I’m sure. He’s certainly proved Thibs right, that even though he made a bunch of terrible roster decisions over his tenure, bringing in Derrick Rose was certainly not one of them. He’s even doing awesome things for Timberwolves fans. To be honest, Rose has been awesome this season in MIN, averaging 18.9/2.8/4.8 on 48/46% splits with 1.5 3PM a night. You could argue this is his best season since at least 2016-17, but I’d go as far to say it’s his best season since he won his MVP.

You saw how emotional he got after his 50 point game, the dude has put in the work and it’s awesome to see him be rewarded like this on the court


But Derrick, my man, that last line from today’s presser….sheesh. Maybe take it down like 50 notches. I get wanting to silence your haters and doubters, but when I heard that at first I had to replay it. That’s some shit you hear some Twitter egg say when you disagree with their opinion, we don’t often hear a player telling his haters to kill themselves all that often. Love the passion, but I think we can all agree that was a bit much.

At the end of the day I suppose DRose is just that ride or die when it comes to his man Thibs. Now, Rose has a good chance to make the All Star team and is a leading candidate for the 6th Man Of The Year. His story and career arc is always going to be one of the craziest in NBA history, and I hope he is able to stay on the Wolves because it does seem like he’s found a home there. Plus Jeff Teague kinda stinks and why not just roll with Tyus Jones/Rose moving forward.

So if you doubted the man, you heard him. Let that be a lesson to everyone from here on out.