This 8-Year-Old Bassist On Instagram Is One Of The Craziest Prodigies I've Ever Seen

For the first six or seven years I used Instagram, I had no idea that there was an “Explore” tab. To be honest, I don’t even know if they DID have one six or seven years ago, and I don’t know if it’s even actually called the “Explore” tab. Might be the “Discover” tab or some shit like that, but it doesn’t matter. The point is, I just started clicking on it, and it fucking rules.

*If you’re as technologically challenged as I am, and don’t know what I’m talking about – it’s just that little magnifying glass icon next to your Instagram home page. It compiles a bunch of posts related to your interests or previously liked pictures, so basically, it’s gonna be a bunch of cool shit no matter who you are, because it’s what YOU like. Novel concept, I know.

Given my interests and use of Instagram, my Explore tab just gathers up a bunch of knockouts, cool outfits Conor McGregor has worn, a few classic rock photos, every picture of Hayley Williams ever taken, and ton of videos showcasing incredible musicians doin’ their thing.

This little fella named Aron Hodek is one of those incredible musicians that appears on my Explore page pretty often, and he’s an outrageously (and sometimes annoyingly) talented 8-year-old bassist who’s skill I couldn’t match if I played for the next fifty years. Mostly because – well, because I suck at bass – but also because Aron here’s talent isn’t just comprised of “pure skill”. He ain’t the most technically flawless bassist in the world who got to where he is on scales alone.

Aron’s chops on the bass come from the soul and heart the little dude puts into each and every slap of dat bass. Some people just have it in them from birth, and some people just don’t. Aron has CLEARLY had the groove in him from the very start, and when you combine that with what must be hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon HOURS of practice, you get the product you’ve seen above. Pretty fucking insane.

If you need a rabbit hole to go down for the rest of the day that’ll make you irrationally angry if you’re a musician, there’s a bunch of kids like Aron who are just OUTRAGEOUSLY good at their respective instruments before they ever hit double digits on age, and each one’ll blow your mind more than the last.