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We Didn't Last More Than One Week In 2019 Before The First Outrageous Lakers Rumor Leaked

Feed me this. These are the type of rumors that I want to hear. Listen, this isn’t a knock on Bryan or anything like that – the dude has experience in the NBA. This is just what I need a Monday afternoon when we’re waiting for the college football title game to kick off.

But, let’s think about this for a second. Pat Riley wanting to get back to Los Angeles makes total sense. He doesn’t want to deal with a rebuild in Miami, which the Heat are going to go through here in the very, very near future. Riley prefers to win obviously. But, he’s not going back to coach since he said he’s bringing Spo with him. So is he going to remove his good friend Magic Johnson from the role of President of Basketball Operations?

Now maybe he’s willing to take on a different role within the front office, but it’s Pat Riley. The dude loves having control of the team. There’s a reason why he enjoys being in Miami and it’s because of that. Would Magic even be willing to bring him on in a similar role that he already has? That’s the ultimate question.

Again, these are two guys in Spo and Riley, that have a ton of experience with LeBron and merging new pieces all together. I actually really like Spo as a head coach. I think he’s underrated a bit to the casual fan. I think Spo does an excellent job of drawing up schemes and blending talent like LeBron with someone else (think Mario Chalmers).

Either way, this is what I want. I need rumors like this. Let’s leave who is getting traded out for now. Give me more front office rumors because they are so outrageous we hardly think of them. But, Riley back in Los Angeles would 100% give more free content to us bloggers.