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Barber Cuts Triangle Into A Guy's Hair After The Guy Showed Him A Picture With A Play Button On It

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 12.59.24 PM

Daily Mail- Most of us would want our hairdresser to cut our hair in the exact way we ask for; but one man in China has been surprised because his barber was a little bit too detail-oriented. The fashion-conscious customer was allegedly left with two massive bald triangular patches on his head after showing his hairdresser a video of a model he wanted to look like without realising the picture had a ‘play’ button icon on it. As a result, the diligent hairdresser shaved one triangle onto each side of his head to mimic the ‘trendy’ hairstyle he thought his client had desired, according to a trending social media post. According to the original post, the unnamed customer was watching a video when he was at the hairdressing salon. It is said when he saw a man sporting a haircut he wanted in the video, he paused the clip to show the hairdo to the hairdresser.

Aw damn. The internet giveth and the internet taketh away. That dude found a sick hairstyle that he wanted his barber to emulate, paused the video, handed the barber his phone and boom. He got it. The barber gave him the exact haircut he saw on the phone. The barber didn’t technically do anything wrong. At what point did the guy getting the haircut realize something was wrong and say something? I honestly don’t think I would’ve said anything. When I get a haircut, good or bad, I act like it’s the best haircut I’v ever gotten. But who knows, maybe this guy’s play button haircut will be the next hot haircut in the streets. Dumber things have become hot trends for a whole lot less.

Play buttons are sneaky little devils and have been ever since they became a thing. You ever click on a play button for a video that ends up being a screen shot of a play button video and you go off in a fit of rage? Of course that has happened to you because its happened to everyone. People who screenshot play buttons deserve to be suspended from the internet for a full year and maybe forever. It’s a dirt dog move that shouldn’t be tolerated. #PlayButtonAwarness should be a real thing. Anyway. Sorry about your haircut man.