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Nick Saban Has Not Seen Bird Box Because His Only Free Time Is 15 Minutes In The Morning Watching The Weather Channel And Eating Cookies With His Wife

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“Watching the Weather Channel, having a cup of coffee and two Debbie cookies with Terry for 15 minutes” – if you are a writer in Hollywood trying to finish your Nick Saban script, stop brainstorming.  Nothing you think of will be better and more accurate than Nick Saban’s actual morning.  Just perfectly Saban.  So busy he doesn’t even have time to download a weather app.  Not even the one that comes standard on his phone.  Just nibbles some cookies, allows his wife to speak to him for 10ish minutes, picks up the straw hat and heads to the office.

You know how the Bird Box monsters show you your biggest fear?  Nick Saban keeps his blindfold on so he doesn’t see a vision of a day where he has an hour of free time.  He sees himself sitting in a lawn chair with his grandkids not watching game film or recruiting tapes and instantly pulls out a stake of his white picket fence and jams it into his jugular.

Nick Saban when the mental patients force his eyes open and there isn’t a 6’9 398 pound lineman who runs a 4.0 40 standing in front of him: