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Some Eagles Fans In New Jersey Are No Longer Supporting Chris Christie Upon Discovering He's A Cowboys Fan


Sweet midgie arms, Gov.

NJ – The governor, during an appearance on the Philadelphia sports radio station WIP Monday, ran across a New Jersey caller angry that Christie had abandoned his hometown choices for football for the hated Dallas Cowboys.

Christie explained he became a Cowboys fan in the 1970s when Hall-of-Fame quarterback Roger Staubach was running the team.

There was a bit of the front-runner mentality with Christie’s choice. His father, Bill, is a New York Giants fan, and in the 1970s, the Giants were a terrible team.

“The only person I was a bigger fan of than the (Philadelphia) Eagles was Chris Christie until his affiliation with the Cowboys,” said John from Hammonton. “You have lost my support for the governor and, if you run for president, for president.” “I completely understand,” Christie said, before complaining that the Eagles kept his Cowboys out of the playoffs last season. “You’ve caused me enough pain, you’re (not going to) give me your vote, too?” Calling Christie’s reasoning for becoming a Cowboys fan weak, John then ramped up his criticism. “We can’t have somebody running the country like that,” he said. “Oh, really,” Christie said. “Yes!” said John. “Come on, Roger Staubach,” Christie replied. John then implied that Christie was merely a front-runner, interested in whoever could win. “This is weak,” John told Christie. “I thought you were strong.”

Don’t blame this Eagles fan one bit. No loyalty or respect whatsoever on the Governor’s part. How can you trust a man to be ready for that 3 AM phone call to make a vital decision when he couldn’t even stand the heat of his hometown team losing while growing up? It’s called handling adversity and the dude’s a total frontrunner. He even kicked his gunt to the curb when had the chance.

If you’re fans of a team that’s not roughly around your geographical location there’s one of three reasons why: 1) Your parents/family support that franchise. 2) You lived there for a period of time from birth but moved away. Or 3) You’re a complete asshole. Chris Christie is the latter. You don’t grow up in Northern NJ where there are 2 iconic NFL football teams to choose from, one of which your father is passionate about, and willingly support the arch rival solely because they’re better. That’s called being a dick, which even after surgery Christie still hasn’t seen since the ’80’s.

There’s only one way to establish credibility and that’s bringing back the almighty FUPA. The thing had more heart, soul and mass than the entire Garden State.




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