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First Rule Of Being A Hockey Coach: Take Your Skate Guards Off Before Hopping On The Ice With A Coffee In Hand

Buddy. C’mon man. The zamboni literally just got off the ice and now you’re splashing your Tim Hortons double double all over the place? It’s bad enough dealing with wet pucks at the beginning of practice because the zamboni driver decided to flood the rink into a damn swimming pool. Now you have to deal with some piping hot coffee on the ice during the pre-practice shoot around? How do expect anybody to play like that?

And the biggest shame of all? Well there’s just no way this coach can have the full respect of his players ever again. I know that everybody has been there at some point or not in their hockey lifetime. But you simply cannot step onto the ice with your guards still on as a coach. There’s no coming back from it. At least not anytime soon. You think this coach was able to reel it in and have control of the rest of that practice? Not a chance. You try telling the kids to lineup across the goal line after taking a spill like that and it’s going to be a hard no from everybody. You really only have one of two options moving forward. You either become the hard ass who bag skates the boys if anybody tries to crack any jokes, or you just go along with it but know that you’re always going to get chirped about the fall for the rest of the season. Considering the reactions in the video here, I’m going to assume it’ll be the latter option for Coach. Tough break, but life will go on.