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Rumor Has It The Reason For The Melo/KG Altercation Was Because KG Said Melo's Wife Tasted Like Honey Nut Cheerios

As the dude from Black Sports Online, there’s really no way to tell if this is true or just a rumor. But 2 things – 1) If theres one dude who would know this, it would be the guy who runs Black Sports Online. And 2) Its almost too weird to be made up. I mean its not as much of a scumbag move as making fun of Tim Duncan’s dead mother, as KG has already done. But still pretty fucked up.

PS – I’m just kidding really, telling someone their girl tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios is downright hysterical. Personally I would have gone with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but Honey Nut Cheerios certainly gets the job done.