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This Lady Was Not Happy About Being Stuck At the Airport (Understatement)

Listen being delayed sucks. No doubt about it. Like I don’t blame this on this lunatic lady at all. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had horrible travel delays and airlines do nothing to make you feel better about it. That’s why I’ve been a long proponent that Airlines should just set up rant booths. Like just stick employees behind a desk and let people go bananas on them. They should also have therapy dogs and “Sorry People” everywhere. Just paid employees roaming around the airport telling delayed travelers that they are sorry and let you pet dogs. Everybody would be so much happier. These situations would never escalate to this point. I mean look at this psychopath. She got what she had to say off her chest and then calmly just walked away. Probably felt a million times afterwards. It’s when people think nobody gives a fuck that people lose their minds. Rant booths, sorry people and therapy dogs. Make airlines great again.