De'Aaron Fox With A Ricochet Shot At The Bulls Saying No Chance He's Showing Up At Practice After A Back-To-Back

I love that this is still a thing. I love how honest every player is too when it comes to practicing after a back-to-back. Sure, maybe I’m holding a grudge from the Bulls ruining my childhood with some guys named Michael Jordan, but I don’t care. Give me all the jokes at the Bulls expense.

I mean it’s great that both Haynes and Fox are laughing the moment the word Chicago is said. They know it’s a laughing stock out there with the mutiny that Jim Boylen faced when he tried to force practices after a back-to-back which is simply against the norm in the league.

Fox makes a point though. Guys get beat up during the regular season. It’s 82 games, no matter what people think, basketball is a physical sport and your body gets beat up over that time. The last thing you need is a full on practice following a back-to-back when you can just have a film session or a walk through. Or even just give a day off. That’s needed.

Fox is having a great year too – no surprise with the start the Kings are having. A lot of people thought he was the best point guard in last year’s draft class and when he went No. 5 to Sacramento most people wondered if we’d ever hear from him again due to the Kings lack of relevance. Well, he’s now putting up 18 and 7.5 assists while shooting 38% from three – his biggest weakness coming out of Kentucky.

I need every player just laughing whenever Chicago and practices are brought up. Let’s make this a thing please.