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Can you imagine if Tom Brady's next OC was his backup... in 2003? Well, folks, TB12 doesn't seem to think it's too crazy of an idea.

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We are officially on the ‘where in the world is Kliff Kingsbury going to end up??’ watch.

In case you missed it, the former Texas Tech head coach was let go in late November, rumored to have interest from both NFL and college teams immediately and eventually landed as the offensive coordinator under Clay Helton at USC. (and if we’re doing simple math: he’s probably the Trojans’ heir apparent, because Helton is on a very tight leash IMO.)

Then… last week, Mike Florio reported that USC was denying NFL interview requests for KK. Both the Jets and the Cardinals were literally blocked from talking to him about being their next head coach. I understand why they would want to block the interviews, but I also think that because it’s the off season, coaches should be able to interview where ever they want. Especially since he’s not their head coach and wouldn’t be leaving them in a shitty position since he’s been there for a month.

But regardless, USC is saying no. So basically, if Kliff wants to continue to interview for NFL jobs, it looks like he’ll have to resign as their OC.

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Sad for women of LA tbh.

THEN… over the weekend, Florio reported that Kliff is now a candidate for the Patriots OC job IF Josh McDaniels leaves to take a head-coaching job elsewhere (and doesn’t pull a 2018 move, a la Indy). It’s rumored that they expect that exact thing to happen as soon as the playoffs are over for New England.

On his weekly EEI hit this morning, Tom Brady was asked about it. And he seems to be pretty ok with the idea.

Via EEI...

“I played with Kliff, and we’ve been friends ever since. I see him from time to time. Danny (Amendola) still keeps in touch with him. He’s been a friend of mine for a long time.

Kliff has done a great job at Texas Tech, and I know he’s at USC, but it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of teams are interested. He’s just a great football mind, and he’ll be successful wherever he’s at.”

I personally think it’s a great move for the Pats. With the way NFL offenses are evolving, why not groom a young guy like Kliff who has coached and been major parts of developing guys like Patrick Mahomes, Case Keenum, Baker Mayfield, Davis Webb and Johnny Manziel?

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“The Kingmaker”. Not a bad resume.

It’s wild to me that Kliff is two years younger than TB12 and could end up being his coordinator. But I guess when you have a 41 year old starter, it’s not that crazy.

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But what IS crazy is that the new offensive coordinator for the GOAT could end up being one of his former backups…from 2003. Kliff spent one season on New England’s IR after being drafted in the sixth round that year.

That alone speaks to the dynasty that Tom Brady has helped create and been a part of for literally decades.

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As the KK world turns… stay tuned.