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Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" Turns 38-Years Old And I'm 36: Coincidence?

I mean, not really. I can’t think of any correlation between Phil and myself. He’s a drummer. I’m more of an acoustic guitar guy with a passion for baking. However, my late Nana did gift me a banjo. It’s wonderful but I’ve yet to use it. I have the basis of strumming down because I’ve fiddled with a guitar for years. I’m not good by any means, though. Perhaps it’s time to get the ole banjo re-stringed and see what bluegrass is all about. While being a decent strummer, I’m not a natural picker. I could probably take some free lessons via youtube. That’d be wonderful! Just me and couple of my friends on the stand-up bass and the fiddle. Two fiddles in one blog. HAHA. One is an instrument and one is a verb. Isn’t English wild?

I guess that’s why they say English is the toughest language to learn. I can see why. English is a tricky sonofbitch to master. You know who else was English? Phil Collins. Huh. I guess there was a little bit of coincidence there after all. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Have a good Monday, everybody. You earned it.

UPDATE: Many people are saying that my parents had sex to this song. I dont think so. My dad is a total loser who is a virgin until this very day. Sad, but true.