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Russian Inflatable Ball Ride Goes Not Too Great And 2 Guys Fall Off A Cliff

Ahh I’m rolling down a mountain in an inflatable ball honey take a good picture ahhhh I’m dead

Nosebleeds – I’m going to throw a warning out there on this video: It contains an incident that some could find pretty disturbing, so watch at your own discretion. The video comes from a Russian ski slope where a bunch of guys were messing around with a inflatable ball that allows people to enter inside, rolling said ball down the slope for a thrill ride. Well, things take a horrific turn when nobody at the bottom of the hill is able to stop the ball from rolling off a cliff and tumbling down the steep, rocky mountain. I can’t find any official news report on the aftermath, but several Reddit users are claiming that the joyride turned fatal for at least one of the men in the ball.

When I think of Russia I think of 4 things. First thing is Putin. Obviously. My new 2nd thing is Gerard Depardieu now that he’s a new citizen. The third thing is dashcam automobile accidents. And the 4th thing are those crazy ass Russian teenagers who go “skywalking” and stand on top op fucking buildings like 2,000 feet in the air. Thats Russia in a nutshell for me.

But now we got 2 guys in a Bubble-Boy-Ball fucking rolling off cliffs. Might have to round out my top 5 things of Russia Being Russia. For the record this is why I don’t fuck with skiing or snowboarding or tubing. And certainly not being strapped inside an inflatable ball rolling around like 20 feet from the edge of a fucking cliff. I’ll be the dude in the ski lodge by the fire drinking Jameson and hot chocolate while you guys roll off the edge of Mount Everest.