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Kate Upton Burns The Jets On Twitter Last Night

Sometimes, you just gotta know when you’re beat. Sometimes, you just gotta put your head down, take your ass whipping, and live to fight another day. When Kate Upton goes on Twitter and embarrasses your franchise, this is probably one of those times.

But I’ve never been one to keep my head down when fat girls open their mouths so I at least gotta chime in here. I don’t know what you’re laughing about here, Kate. Ever since you fucked Mark Sanchez you fell off just as hard as Rex and company. Last winter before Sanchez you were a 19 year old smokestack. Those days were your back to back AFC Championship Games. Then Mark Sanchez fumbled into your butt and now you’re as fat as every college sophomore who put on her freshman 35


Looks like someone smushing Play Doh through a chain link fence in that first Anna Nicole Smith lookalike photo. And that second photo is muffin tops galore and floppy tits that look like ziploc freezer bags filled with water. It looks like Rex took all his weight and gave it to Kate Upton. So I understand where you’re coming from. I tweet nasty things about the Jets now too because I let Sanchez fuck me as well. Only difference is mine was metaphorical and you literally let him fuck you. Now I’m a hopeless Jets fan rooting for a team with no direction and you’re a 20 year old with the body of a “buxom” “voluptuous” 40 year old plus sized mom. Mark Sanchez fucked us both.

PS – This doesn’t apply to black guys. Black guys will still love this sloppy “thick” look but any average white Stoolie can’t possible still think this chick is on the same level as she was back in her early days. If I ever posted a “Local Smokeshow” with rolls like her’s El Pres would fire me on the spot.