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Chrissy Metz Denies Calling Alison Brie A "Bitch", Co-Host Thinks She Said "Babe"

PEOPLE- AJ Gibson, one of the co-hosts of the Facebook pre-show, was standing next to Metz as she spoke and told PEOPLE in a statement that he believed Metz was saying “babe” instead of “bitch.”

“While interviewing Chrissy during the HFPA Presents: Globes Red Carpet LIVE pre-show and as our conversation came to its natural conclusion, we were told to wrap and toss over to our co-hosts on another portion of the carpet, who were on standby with Alison Brie,” the statement said. “I jokingly asked Chrissy if she knew who Alison was, as a way to transition into the ‘toss’ and she played along. She then referred to Alison as a ‘babe’ and the fun exchange ended.”

Gibson continued, “Chrissy is an absolute sweetheart and an immensely talented and kindhearted woman. On the heels of the powerful show of solidarity via the Time’s Up movement amongst women and allies in the industry on the same Golden Globes Red Carpet just one year ago, I can’t imagine a scenario where Chrissy would want anything more than to support her female counterparts.”

He also noted, “It’s more important than ever that we ALL support and love on one another and from my position on that stage, a few feet from Chrissy, it was clear to me that she had nothing but love for Alison.”

Okay, I have watched this clip a million times now trying to hear exactly what Chrissy Metz says. Unfortunately it is really hard because the mic kind of tails off as she starts to say whatever b-word she used. This is also where your mind plays tricks on you. If you listen a bunch of times, specifically looking for “bitch” then yes, eventually you are going to tell yourself you hear Chrissy call Alison Brie a bitch. But if you start to listen again and again looking for “babe”…you’re going to hear that instead.

I have decided that Chrissy called Alison Brie a babe. I hear way more of a “b-a” sound then a “b-i” sound before the mic is lowered. And on top of that Chrissy and Alison know each other and seem to be friendly. Props to Alison for handling this extremely well. If you hear rumblings that someone called you a bitch on the red carpet, you probably go scorched earth immediately in your mind. Not Alison! She kept her composure and put this out on her Instagram story.

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