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You'll Never Guess The Song That's Playing While These People Are Grinding Their Privates Into Each Other

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes? We are dance floor fucking to HSK&Ts in 2019? For shame! FOR SHAME!

I’d like to issue a bit of a warning here as well. This guy is about to cum. I know it. You know it. This lovely lady’s jeans that are being grinded hard enough to start a fire know it. He’s got that classic strip club look on his face. He knows that if he sticks around for 20 more seconds that he could unleash the fury of his loins right there on the dance floor. It’s tricky though. In your actual brain, you dont want britches full of your own semen. In fact, you’d hate that. In your horny brain, it’s ok. You need to thrust. You need to grind. You need to grind your dick all over her head, shoulders, knees, and toes…. toes…. toess….. TOOOOEEESSSSSS!

Welp. That settles that. It’s filling your pants like a packet of toaster’s strudel icing.

Your move at this point is grabbing a glass of water and accidentally spilling it all over the front of your shirt and pants. You look clumsy… not like a dance cummer.