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Gay People Are Freaking Out Over The Fact That Timothée Chalamet Wore A Harness To The Golden Globes

*Disclaimer: To be honest, I’m kind of scared to blog this because it happened last night, which technically means it’s “old”, which technically means I run the risk of getting publicly shamed by boss…again. But at the same time the Eagles/Bears electric chair dominated the site last night and it would’ve been weird if I threw up a harness blog in the middle of the action so here we are. I’m also writing more about Tim’s appropriation of gay culture rather than the actual award show so I feel like it’s okay. Hopefully Dave doesn’t castrate me. Anyway, let’s start the blog.

How about the balls on Timothée Chalamet? First he plays a peach-fucking twink in Call Me By Your Name opposite Armie Hammer, now he’s showing up to award shows dressed as Adam Rippon-lite.

The second he stepped out of his limo I knew gay twitter was going to have a field day. You can’t dress like Jimmy MacElroy’s twin sister and expect people not to react.


The guy just culturally appropriates our culture and thinks he can get away with it. Where is the outrage?! Where is the movement?! I thought we were supposed to ban together when this kind of stuff happens? I guess not.

I’m going to give him a pass. This is his one get out of jail free card, but if it happens again, I’m calling him out. Watch, next award show he’ll show up and start vogueing down the red carpet.