It's Officially Time To #JoinOrDie Because We Don't Have Any Other Choice

We are officially in the bleak mid-winter. Dark when you get into work, dark when you leave, no football to look forward to. The Bears were the hope and the promise that we could delay seasonal affective disorder until March. Now that’s gone. The Bears are dead, the Bulls are garbage, and baseball is a full 3 months away. There’s only one place we can turn. Old faithful, the Chicago Blackhawks.

“But Chief, we suck”

Not so fast. We sucked. Past tense. Now the Blackhawks are average. That’s not the worst place to be. A few superstars, a few young players, and something we haven’t gotten to experience in a while…the chase. I love the chase. That’s the fun of a rebuild. That’s the fun of being single. We got fat and happy in our dynasty marriage from 2010-2015. Now we get chase down that hot girl in the bar again. We are old and washed, but we are free of expectations. Are we pathetic?…maybe a little. Are we gonna have fun? You betcha. The Blackhawks are Date Mike.

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As bad as the Blackhawks have been they’re currently only 6 points out of a playoff spot. Considering how bad things were in November after the front office fired Joel this isn’t the worst place to be


It’s not like any of those teams are world beaters. The Blackhawks could chase down a playoff spot. So it’s time to join or die. Get behind the Hawks. Believe in something. What’s the alternative? House Hunters repeats and going to bed at 830pm because being asleep is better than being awake. We get to watch Patrick Kane lead this team on a nightly basis and over the past two games we’ve seen how special that can be. Three assists in a comeback W first Pittsburgh and almost did enough to beat the top team in the West by himself

Here’s another little fun fact for the faithful…the Blackhawks have had the 3rd hardest schedule in the NHL to date. That’s something that works in their favor because starting right about now as buyers buy and sellers sell the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. The Blackhawks need a TON of points down the stretch to make up enough ground to get in the playoffs, but it is NOT impossible. People always use the previous year’s standings as a benchmark to measure playoff probability. Anyone who has taken a logic class as part of their liberal arts philosophy minor knows that the past isn’t a good predictor of the future. I have a hard time seeing any of the teams in front of the Blackhawks getting to 97 or 95 points. The Hawks have to continue to play at this pace but they can get there. They can get that 8th and final playoff spot. And it’s better to win and hope and try than to pack it in for fucking Kappo Kakjo or Hughes or whoever the fuck. #JoinOrDie