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Al Roker Shit His Pants At The White House

TMZAl Roker — who got his stomach stapled in March 2002 — shared his most embarrassing moment on “Dateline” last night, saying he was covering an event at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave a month after his operation … when he felt the urge to let one rip. Roker said, “I probably went off and ate something I wasn’t supposed to. And as I’m walking to the press room, [I’m thinking] well, I gotta pass a little gas here. I’m walking by myself. Who’s gonna know? Only a little something extra came out. I pooped my pants.” Roker said he beelined for the restroom to dump his underwear in the trash — and proceeded to go commando the rest of the day.

You know who’s gotta be ecstatic to see this clip? Barstool’s resident pants-shitter, Big Cat. Team Shit Yourself is now 2 people strong with an ebony & ivory combination of public figures who’ve severely underestimated a fart and ended up going commando. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn 2013 into the year of dirty drawers. Before you know it, Betty White will be admitting “if crapping your pants is cool, then call me Miles Davis!” Whatever the case may be, I know I’d feel infinitely better about a supposed embarrassing life moment if it turned out I shared it with Al Roker.

KFC Editor’s Note: I wrap up the afternoon with a blazing smokeshow and think my day of work is over. Head out of the apartment for like 30 minutes and news breaks that Al Roker shit his pants at the fucking White House in 2002. Unbelievable. The internet is just relentless. Never stops. Just when you think you have it beat, it throws you an Al Roker underwear full of poop and you realize just how insignificant you are. Well played, internet. Well played.

As for Al Roker – up until now in my mind I would always think of him standing in the middle of a hurricane doing a live report. Wind whipping, soaking wet, interns below the cameras holding on to his legs so that he wouldn’t blow away. Now he’ll just forever be known as the guy who shit his pants at the White House. A guy who gambled on a fart in front of George W. and lost. There’s nothing that can ever top that image now.