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1.581 Million People Live In Philadelphia. Coincidentally, That's The Same Number As Apologies Owed To Golden Tate Today

NFL: JAN 06 NFC Wild Card - Eagles at Bears

The Philadelphia Eagles traded for Golden Tate on October 30th. But for the first few weeks of the Golden Era in Philly, Tate probably could have just stayed in Detroit considering he barely got worked into the offense at all. And then once Mike Groh found some ways to get Tate involved in the offense, there just didn’t seem to be any sort of…magic there or anything. I mean he had that first win against Washington where he was 7/7 with 85 yards and a touchdown. But besides that, it was a pretty uneventful regular season for Golden Tate with the Philadelphia Eagles. And because of how much expectation came along with him at the trade, I’d say the majority of Eagles fans turned on the guy because he wasn’t producing what was deemed worthy numbers of a guy who the Eagles spent a 3rd round pick on.

And then last night happened.

That play right there is exactly why you trade a 3rd round pick for Golden Tate. He’s not the biggest receiver in the world. He’s not the fastest receiver in the world. But while his name may be “Golden”, his balls are made of brass. He knew he was going to get lit up going for that ball but it didn’t matter. The man is a psychopath who craves contact. So he stretches out to make the catch, eats the contact, holds on to the ball and it was the 2nd best highlight of Tate’s career in Philadelphia so far. Sure, the Eagles may not have got any points up on the board as a result of that catch but what it did was give Nick Foles the confidence to go back to Tate when it mattered the most.

That game last night had the chance to end the exact same way the Falcons game ended in last year’s Divisional Round game. The defending NFC Champions on the road in the playoffs. Down 15-10 in the final minute of the game. 4th & goal against one of the best defenses in the league. I mean this was the exact scenario the Falcons were in last year against the Eagles in the divisional round. The only difference is that Nick Foles and Golden Tate were able to do what Matt Ryan and Julio Jones were not. And that’s haul in the game winning touchdown.

There are 1.581 million people in Philadelphia. That number is from 2017 so I’d assume there’s even more today considering the baby boom after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. But even if we just go off of that 1.581 million number, that’s how many people should apologize to Golden Tate today. It may have taken awhile but with those two catches last night, Golden Tate made that 3rd round pick the Eagles spent on him completely irrelevant to this franchise’s history. The Eagles won that trade and now Golden Tate deserves to be treated like he’s home here in Philadelphia.

P.S. – I mean Smallwood definitely broke the plane there on the 2 pt conversion but luckily we don’t have to worry about that anymore.