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Miguel Cabrera Refuses To Sign Playoff Bonus Paperwork Saying He "Just Wants The Ring". I'm Pretty Sure Miguel Cabrera Doesn't Understand How Any Of This Works



(Source) Miguel Cabrera is putting his money where his mouth is.  The Detroit Tigers first baseman opted against signing the paperwork necessary to make him eligible for his playoff bonus, USA Today Sports reported.  Miguel Cabrera would rather have a World Series ring than a playoff bonus, according to a report. According to the newspaper, Cabrera was sitting at his locker Wednesday when teammate Max Scherzer came around collecting signatures from the team. 

“I’m not signing anything,” Cabrera told Scherzer. Designated hitter Victor Martinez, who had just signed the paperwork, had a conversation with Cabrera in Spanish. Cabrera maintained his position, concluding by saying: “I just want the ring.” Scherzer, who also had tried to talk with Cabrera, finally shrugged and walked away. “OK, more for us,” he said. A full share of the postseason bonus for players on last year’s World Series-winning Boston Red Sox team was worth $307,000. Portions of the bonus also are allocated to support staff such as clubhouse attendants. Cabrera signed a 10-year contract worth nearly $292 million with the Tigers last offseason. He has won two straight MVP awards — but just one World Series ring, back in 2003.  The Tigers open their 2014 playoff hunt Thursday against the Baltimore Orioles in the ALDS.




This story cracked me up. No chance Miguel Cabrera understands what is going on here. I’m almost positive he thinks he just made a selfless act to prove to the world how much he wants to win a title. Sort of like when Peyton Manning or Tom Brady restructure their deals so they can sign free agents. Or when Lebron, Bosh, and Dwyane Wade took less so they could play together. Only difference is that this is baseball, there is no salary cap, Miguel Cabrera has an ENORMOUS contract, and playoff bonuses have absolutely nothing to do with any of it anyway. Like Miguel does understand it’s just a signature saying if you win you’ll get the money right? It’s not an either or. It isn’t hey do you want a ring or 300k. You get both if you win the World Series. Not sure he gets that which makes it even better. Miguel Cabrera is all about that ring boss. Doesn’t need distractions like free money that literally takes a single signature on a piece of paper to get. Just wants that ring, so damn focused.



If the Tigers win I need a live camera on Cabrera when everyone gets their check and he is confused as to why he doesn’t get his.