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Cheeseburger Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

We’ve posted so many one punch knockouts over the years its hard to decide which ones make the cut. What separates one set of white trash idiots from bashing in the faces of other white trash idiots? Well there’s 2  X-factors here. 1 is the victim is a fat idiot named Cheeseburger. That automatically sends this into blogworthy status. Perfect nickname for that roly poly trash bag. The 2nd is that for a brief second watching this video it looks as if you’re about to watch a man take his last breaths. When his head is slumped back and his eyes are wide open and he’s making that snoring noise, I thought that was the sound of death. Grunting and growling as if he’s trying to say “If someone doesn’t help Cheeseburger within the next 30 seconds, he’s going to leave this earth forever.”

So there you have it folks. A look behind the curtain as to how a generic knockout video makes the cut for KFC on a hungover Monday afternoon. A good nickname and potential death.