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Every Single Eagles Vs. Bears Viral Moment That's Going Down Tonight In One Conveinient Spot #DoinkDoink

Lots of stuff going on tonight. So, instead of putting each viral clip in an individual blog then telling my boss in the middle of the office how much more hard work I did over everyone else over the holiday break, here’s what we got in one convenient spot. Si Señor!

Eagles fans Venmoing Cody Parkey is one of the most disrespectful things this world has ever seen:

“Cody Parkey can’t kick during a full moon” – CONFIRMED:

Turns out the kick was tipped and it wasn’t a true Doink Doink after all…even though that’s how it’s always gonna go down. That’s a shame:

Actually…all credit goes to this dude for blowing the kick into the double Doink:


Birds Chief Keef’ing it ft Dougie Fresh:

“Thanks, Cody!” – Brandon Graham

Alshon waving Buh-Bye:


Chicago Specials:


Kiss Of Death:

Cody Parkey taking responsibility for his actions. Respect:


Last but not least, Carl. Sweet, sweet Carl:

And that’s all she wrote. For now. Go Birds. And getcha Philly gear – HERE