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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - Griffey And Alex Rodriguez Lose A Home Run Derby To A Young David Ortiz

What a video we have here. I think I saw it late Friday night and haven't been able to stop watching it. Griffey, Alex Rodriguez and the rest of the Mariners are down with their single A team, the Wisconsin TimberRattlers. They decide to do a home run derby to appease the fans. Good idea. Griffey and A-Rod were picked to compete, and why wouldn't they. In 1996 they were two of the biggest names in the sport. If I was a fan at this stadium I'd be going nuts, a small, intimate ballpark like a Single-A park and you get to see two absolute studs tee off? Awesome.
Turns out Griffey couldn't hit anything, I think in the video he even swings and misses. A-Rod on the other hand, he displayed that smooth swing, murdering balls out of the park. Then you have this skinny, young lefty by the name of David Ortiz who puts on a show. The fact that A-Rod is watching a kid hit and says "I aint gotta chance" is scary.
What a thrill that must have been for David to go up against those two and put on a show of his own. I love this old throwback stuff, what an awesome clip. I need more underground throwback clips.