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Bears Vs Eagles - Now We Go - Live Blog


This is it.

Nothing that happened in 2018 matters anymore. 12 wins, best defense in the NFL, Mitch’s inconsistencies, etc.

Throw it all out.

Today the Chicago Bears move forward with putting together a 4 game winning streak to become Super Bowl Champions and it starts with the Eagles.

It’s not going to be easy. I’m anticipating a tough, grind it out kind of game. This same Eagles team has been here before, and I think they’re going to play well, but I love our guys. Time in and time out the Bears have played their best football when the lights were bright. The first Vikings game, the Lions Thanksgiving game, the Rams game, etc. There’s just no way Nagy doesn’t have them ready.

Now We Go. Win today and then win 3 more.

Bear Down