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The Dallas Cowboys Win. (But Don't Cover In an Unfortunate Way).


The Cowboys just beat the Seahawks and are advancing to the divisional round. Jason Garrett has officially won his second playoff game in his eight seasons as the head coach aaaanddd it’s only the third playoff win for Dallas since 1996.

I can’t believe it either. But they deserved that W. It didn’t always look great, especially when Allen Hurns had the GRUESOME injury that made every football guy in the country cringe. I’d throw a replay or a GIF in, but I don’t want to ruin your Saturday night.

But it didn’t have to look perfect. The defense played like grown men.  The special teams showed up. The offense stacked up the most rushing yards Seattle gave up all season (#FeedZeke). Amari Cooper had a 100+. Dak Prescott made the plays when he needed to. Especially on that 3rd and 14 late in the 4th.

Fun fact? The Cowboys are 9-0 this season when scoring 20+. Dak’s still figuring it out and I’m never going to like Scott Linehan, but they did enough to advance.

And that’s good enough for me (for tonight).

Oh ya. And Seattle didn’t have a fucking kicker for the 2nd half and they ended up covering the game because of it. RIP Janikowski.

Anybody who had Dallas -2.5… thoughts and prayers.

I’ve already come to the conclusion that Jason Garrett is going to be coaching this team in 2025. But at this point, we might as well say he’ll be there in 2045. GREAT. But after a 10 win season and a playoff win, I don’t expect Jerry “I don’t have time to have a bad time” Jones to do anything about it.

We have to wait for tomorrow to find out who they will play next week depending on the outcome of the Bears/Eagles. But at this point, the #FinishThisFight is in full affect.

Fine, I’ll admit it. This team has “it”. I don’t know how far “it” will carry them. It may not be Super Bowl contending “it”. But if I’ve learned anything over the last few months, it’s that this team isn’t backing down no matter how loud the noise gets.

And I guess I also learned that when I fire up the “Fire Everyone” t-shirt machine, I may have the hottest reverse jinx skills in the game.

For now… let’s ride.