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Ravens-Chargers "John Harbaugh Has Never Been One And Done In The Postseason" Live Blog

harbs 3

Well here we are. Back in the playoffs for the first time since 2014 and boy oh boy does it feel good. But we’re not just here to check in and check out. We’re here because we have the league’s best defense and we have what it takes to make a serious run at this thing.

Enter John Harbaugh. This is his 7th trip in 11 seasons as head coach in Baltimore. In his previous 6 trips to the postseason, never once did he go one and done. Those opening 6 games went as follows:

2008: W 27-9 at Miami

2009: W 33-14 at New England

2010: W 30-7 at Kansas City

2011: W 20-13 vs Houston

2012: W 24-9 vs Indianapolis

2014: W 30-17 at Pittsburgh

For those whose memories serve you well, these were not only wins, but they were resounding wins where the game was never close. The Ravens came prepared to play in each of these games from beginning to end, and that’s a testament to John Harbaugh as a coach.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Each of those wins were with Joe Flacco at the helm, whose January eliteness was as time-honored a tradition in Baltimore as muddy Preakness mugs in May. But just like porta-potta runs at Pimlico faded away, so did Joe’s reign in Baltimore. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Lamar. And I’ve seen enough down the stretch as the Ravens were playing for their playoff lives to know that Lamar and Harbs are up to the task.

It’s a long road. We’ve done it before, and this is just the beginning. Like the two Super Bowls before, this journey starts with the Wild Card round in our own barn. Let’s play dominant physical football, the kind of football we play best. It’s go time. Win this one and we’re on to New England.

Ravens 24, Chargers 10. BELEE DAT.

P.S. Phil Rivers went 0-4 against Maryland, people don’t forget.