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Dude Finds A Deep Fried Brain Inside His KFC Chicken

MSN – Struggling to find a convincing reason to prepare home-cooked meals? Here’s a visual aide: a not-so-finger-lickin’-good internal organ snuggled into student Ibrahim Langoo’s crispy fried chicken. The 19-year-old discovered the gnarly body part after tearing off a chunk at a KFC in Colchester, England, last month. “I threw it down onto my tray immediately,” says Langoo. “It looked like a brain. I suddenly felt grim and really sick.” Langoo wasted no time in uploading this now-viral pic onto Facebook, commenting, “Here is the reason to never go to KFC ever again.” KFC has apologized, consoling Langoo that, rather than a brain, he was probably munching on a kidney. 

Suddenly, the “pink slime” they use to make chicken nuggets at McDonald’s don’t seem so bad. McDonald’s new motto should be “Our chicken nuggets aren’t exactly free range natural chickens but at least you don’t get a fucking brain inside your breast.” And I love KFC’s response. Like “Hey sorry about that. And just to be clear, that wasn’t a brain. It was a kidney.” Oh well thanks a fucking lot Colonel Sanders! It was a fried kidney, I guess I’m the asshole!

Whats more upsetting is that this fried brain incident is not even the most offensive thing KFC is doing these days. Have you seen their Game Day Bucket Go Boom/Couchgating commercial they run NON STOP during football? Of course you have because its like the only commercial on television right now.

“Watching the game is awesome…watching the game with KFC…awesome-er”

Game Day Bucket Go Boom Girl is one of the most annoying people on television right now. She’s right up there with Dana from Homeland. I’d like to Go Boom in her face in both a sexual manner and then a violent manner.

PS – The chicken is gross but the side dishes at KFC are money. The KFC Biscuits are one of the best fast food items of all time. In a related note, I think I’m gonna start to refer to my balls as KFC biscuits.