A Video Of Drake Kissing And Groping A 17-Year-Old Girl On Stage Has Resurfaced

Welp. That was super weird and super uncomfortable. That video is from 2010 but it resurfaced earlier today on Twitter. Yikes is an understatement. The whole thing was gross but how about Drake going in for kisses on the lips after finding out she was 17? What the fuck was that about? He knew it was creepy and illegal! He literally said, “I can’t go to jail yet, man!” and then proceeded to continue to be a complete and total weirdo. Hey man, maybe don’t bring a girl up on stage, kiss her neck, touch her breasts THEN ask what her age is and then ignore the answer despite the answer being incredibly problematic. In fact, don’t do any of that. Ever. Keep your hands to yourself and just play your music on stage. The crowd laughing it up with Drake as the whole thing transpired was pretty wild.

This isn’t the first time Drake has made all of us want to take a shower in liquid hot magma when it comes to underage girls. He has widely-publicized “friendship” with 14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown. No one is quite sure what their relationship is but everyone is extremely skeptical of it. That video resurfaces at a time when there’s a lot of attention being paid to male entertainers who take advantage of underage girls. Lifetime is currently airing a disturbing 6-part documentary on R. Kelly and just how much of a monster he is. All of this shit is disgusting and it’s about time the weirdos start getting called out for their behavior.