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Marty Mush Wild Card Saturday Slate

My YTD is now 6-6-1 as we move into the NFL playoffs and I am excited. Besides SMU I had a hell of a night and I look to continue that today. Interesting games today but I can’t wait for playoff footbal.


Colts @ Texans -2

This is a weird matchup to me as I counted out the Colts earlier this season. They started off shitty and just didn’t think Luck was himself. Turns out the guy is slinging the ball all over the place and Marlon Mack has been helpful to the running game all year long as they are red hot. The Texans are red hot also as they won 9 straight at one point in the season. Their front defensive line is obviously their strong point but I think Luck will be calm in the pocket and will be able to make throws. This Colts team has something to prove and not mention Ebron just had a kid and I mean he would just be a bad father figure showing his newborn how to lose. Also TY Hilton showing up in a clown mask convinced me enough. For Big Cats sake as well, he needs this Colt win so he can keep his pinky.

Pick Colts +2

Seahawks @ Cowboys -2.5

Another confusing game as I don’t like either of these teams. I absolutely hate the Cowboys and Zeke Elliot but I love gambling so nothing will hold me back. The Cowboys are only in because the NFC East was garbage this year but thats not their fault. I am just seeing this Cowboys team being at home and Zeke just eating after every two yard carry he has. The crowd will be electric there and Amari Cooper needs to be big in this game. The only thing I am worried about is the experience Russel Wilson has compared to Dak Prescott. I know Dak has been here before but Wilson has succeeded and another thing I am worried about is the Hawks ground game. I honestly think the Seahawks are the better team but I just see the Cowboys winning this game. This is a gut feeling game.

Pick Cowboys -2.5

I really love the Colts pick but get ready for some good games. This is a long gambling day as College Basketball has been on all day and the stress level is unbelievable. Duke at 8 tonight, just take them every game. MUSH TO THE MOON.