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Russian Captain Says "Fuck You" To Canadian Crowd Boo'ing Him After Loss To America

I’m not sure if anyone blogged this already but I saw Blues prospect and Russian captain Klim Kostin aka The Klimlin as I call him dropping a big old “fuck you” to the humiliated Canadian fans boo’ing him and I just had to weigh in. I love everything about this move. Hey Canada you got embarrassed on home ice in the quarter finals. The quarters! I’m pretty sure Jamaica makes it to the quarters. All of Canada sits around all year jerking itself off to these Canadian kids then they have the balls to boo The Klimlin? Why, because he didn’t beat the Americans in the semis? Because he hates losing? Hey Canada mix in some class and worry about yourselves. Worry about getting past the quarters.

As a Blues fan I couldn’t be more thrilled to see my Russian telling these classless Canadian fans to go fuck themselves. Love the passion. Love the fire. Only thing I didn’t like from The Klimlin was the apology but we’ll work on that.