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Elevators Fail To Elevate Halftime Show

I’m sick, so it is no coincidence that my Jordan flu game comes against the Chicago Bulls. I’d also like to apologize for comparing this cold medicine fever dream blog to the play of Michael Jordan. Last night the Elevators took the court for a standard halftime trampoline dunk routine during the Pacers vs Bulls. 

A lot of missed dunks happening here which is obviously is going to effect the score. This halftime show is nothing special in terms of originality, but there is a massive danger aspect. If players like Paul George, Shaun Livingston, Kevin Ware, Gordon Hayward (I”ll stop) can snap their thicc athletic bones going a few feet off the ground, I would hate to see how long one of these dudes coming down wrong from 10 feet would replay in my nightmares. 

While this 720 dunk is good, last week Twitter watched someone in pink boots with heels do this exact same move WITHOUT a trampoline, AND THEN point a gun in my face. That’s how you get the people going.

It also didn’t help that this was the week I watched a man rattle his brain off the backboard with no trampoline.

People dunking off trampolines is nice, but I’m a product of Slam Ball on Spike TV. I’d rather see someone bouncing off a trampoline and meeting these guys at the rim. The major factors that come into play for the grade are Showmanship , Danger, Originality, and Performance. Based on danger factor alone I’m giving this performance a 3.5/10. You have to make your dunks. These guys didn’t do that. I appreciated them tossing the balls into the crowd at the end, but the fans could have used a lot more pump up the crowd arm gestures as for as showmanship goes.

Here are some Slam Ball highlights to cleanse your pallet, and get you ready for the Saturday NFL Playoff games.