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UK Madam Opens New Brothel For Disabled People

The Sun – A former madam is coming out of retirement to open the UK’s first brothel reserved exclusively for DISABLED clients. Becky Adams, 44, plans to spend £50,000 on the establishment, which she hopes will become the first of its kind in the world when it opens in 2014. She said: “People have the same sexual urges whether they’re disabled or not. Everyone deserves to experience and enjoy sexual contact. “A soldier who comes home from war disabled doesn’t stop being a normal, healthy person with normal, healthy needs. For many, disability can get in the way of fulfilling those needs. It can be very frustrating and painful. “Our new brothel will be kitted out with ramps and hoists for wheelchair access, just like any other service for disabled people.” The two-roomed establishment, called Para Doxies from the old English word for prostitues, will be sufficient for two sex workers, carers and staff to assist clients with their day-to day needs, says Becky. And, she adds, the brothel will provide transport to collect clients and take them home afterwards. Becky said: “There’s nothing illegal about spending disability living allowance or benefit money on sexual services and the brothel will not be run to make money, it will be organised on a strictly not-for-profit basis.” In Holland disabled people can receive public money in order to pay for sexual relations up to 12 times a year.

God Bless this madam if she’s really trying to do this as a non profit business. Something tells me thats unlikely since her main motivation in life is to whore out desperate women, so chances are she’s cashing in some how. Especially considering this business is a freaking multi bazillion dollar idea. If I was dealt a shitty hand and ended up in a wheelchair or something I’d go to a whorehouse all the time. Especially if I was a veteran of war or something. My motto would be if I’m a veteran of wars, I’m a veteran of whores. You deserve to come home and just have constant sex with professional dick wreckers. So if that means you gotta build a brothel with ramps and elevators and bars then so be it. If you gotta get a bus to take me too and from home and hire a staff of people to assist me while I fuck hookers, do what you gotta do. Because I can say with certainty if I was Stephen Hawking or something, every single dollar I ever made would go directly to paying for sex. Fuck social stigmas and moral behavior and shit – I’ve already lost use of my legs so I’m doubling up on the use of my dick.

PS – I’m debating moving to Holland and getting disabled on purpose. Public money to fuck? Fucking welfare 12 times a year paying for me to get my rocks of once a month? Thats like 100 times more than I’d ever get laid when I was healthy and in my prime. Seriously, being a paraplegic in Holland is where its fucking AT.