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It's Outrageous To Attempt This Dunk In A Game, Let Alone Throw It Down In A High School Game

Do you know how absurd this is to even think about pulling off in a game? Not only that, but imagine being a high school kid and thinking, yeah, let me just go ahead and go behind the back while I’m on the fastbreak. It’s not like he’s out in the open either. There is a defender right there by him. Sure, the defender is making a business decision and not jumping, but he’s swiping at the ball and at least bothering a guy going up. But not my dude Jimma Gatwech who decided to put a little sauce on the dunk.

How about the reaction though? Dude just casually jogs back as if nothing absurd happened. Dude, you just threw down a dunk we don’t see in-game too often and you’re in high school. Go get a technical for celebrating too much.