Michigan's Jerseys For Their Outdoor Game Get An A++

First off, I’d like to make one thing clear. I think Big Ten teams playing outdoor games is great for college hockey and should happen every year. Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Penn State, all have great stadiums with a bit of history. Would be cool to see the teams get outside and play and these enormous stadiums. Frankly, I think it would be good to see any college hockey outdoors, I just love the huge stadiums the Big Ten can provide. Today, Michigan takes on Notre Dame at Notre Dame Stadium. And when they do take the ice, they’ll be wearing these beauty jerseys.

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These get an A++ in my book.  They are very simple yet badass. White jerseys, pants, socks and just the M for the logo. The only thing i’ll need to come around on is the white gloves. I’m VERY against white gloves, I think they are a complete abomination, but they really don’t look bad here so i’ll give them a pass.

I mean, I know Notre Dame may be the better of the two teams, but it is going to be tough to bet against Michigan wearing these bad boys. Maybe the Football team should start playing in these, they might be able to win a few more games.

Definitely better than the ones they wore in their last outdoor game ‘The Big Chill at The Big House’ against Michigan State. Not a fan of the all yellows.