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It's A Great Day To Be The Greatest Hockey Nation In The World. Wake Up With "USA Hockey Is Do Or Die"

Ohhhh momma, don’t you cry!!!!! USA hockey is do or die!!!!!! Take a hockey stick in my hand!!!!! Go on off to a foreign land!!!! Blais said I’d be a star!!!! USA hockey will go very far!!!! Take the Gatorade in your glass!!! WE JUST KICKED YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!!

In the history of the World Juniors tournament, Finland has won the Gold Medal 4 times and the United States have won the tournament 4 times. The last 6 gold medalists, in order, have been USA, Finland, Canada, Finland, USA and Canada. Now Finland did have a little slip up in 2017 where they were in the relegation round the year after winning their 4th gold medal, but it’s pretty safe to say that these are now the top three nations when it comes to international junior hockey. And Team USA has a chance to make it 3 gold medals in 7 years later tonight against the Finns at 8pm.

Here’s the live blog from the last time these two teams played on New Years Eve to get you ready for tonight’s game. USA won that game 4-1. Might not be quite as much of an ass whoopin’ today but keep in mind that USA beat Russia in the semifinals in the 1980 Olympics before winning gold against Finland. History often repeats itself.

We’ll have a final preview blog up later today and then the live blog will be officially ACTIVATED at 7:45. Like I said, it’s a great day to be the greatest hockey nation in the world. Let’s end it with a gold later tonight. USA Hockey is Do or Die.