Dirk Played His Last Game In Boston To A Standing Ovation But Couldn't Hit A Shot To Save His Life

A night after San Antonio spent 48 minutes booing Kawhi Leonard and heckling his mother, Dirk Nowitzki played his last game in Boston to 16 minutes of uproarious cheers. Mostly because he’s a tall white German who is beloved by all, but also mostly because he is a legend and deserving of such. All the Garden wanted was ONE bucket. One more patented Dirk one legged fade away. One more open three with German engineered text book form. One more anything.

And boy oh boy could he not deliver it.

0-10 from the field. 0-8 from three. Mostly all wide open shots. It was painful to watch. We all know Father Time is undefeated and all but god damn man you don’t gotta run up the fucking scoreboard like this, man. Not to Dirk. Dirk doesn’t deserve this.

The Celtics let the shot clock run out. A smidge over a second left on the clock. Dirk was loving the moment and playing along with the crowd, which is objectively cool as hell. And with the game very much over according to the scoreboard, the Celtics defense allowed for the most open shot ever of all time. The whole building, everyone watching on TV, one final chance to make that building explode.

Not even a little bit. Mortality is a cruel mistress and this was a brutal reminder of such. Enjoy retirement, Dirk. You’ve earned it.