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Carmelo Anthony Needs Basketball Back In His Life In A Bad Way

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Poor Melo. He’s a man without a home. He hasn’t been released from the Rockets yet, but he’s also not playing for the Rockets anymore. The Thunder experiment didn’t work out. The Knicks saga ended long ago. Nuggets Melo feels like 10 lifetimes ago. And the worst part is: 2019 Melo still thinks he’s Nuggets Melo. Which is why coming off the bench eight times for the Rockets wasn’t working out. Now he’s at his house, playing pool (probably not even playing pool this feels like a staged shot if we’re being honest), attempting his next career as a fake deep Instagram philosophizer. I can’t imagine how many attempts that photo took. I hope it was less than 10. Because as a Melo fan since his year at Syracuse this kills me to see him down bad like this.

I thought a shooter like Melo would be able to age a little more gracefully than he did, especially in an era so built for offensively gifted players such as himself. But instead he just woke up one morning and wasn’t good any more. I needed a few more years of his two dribble pull-ups that barely moved the net, his fastbreak right wing PUJIT threes, all of it was just gone in a flash. Now he’s R.M. Drake and I don’t care for it. Not one bit.

Oh well. Can’t wait to see him on YP’s Instagram sometime in the near future.