Here We Go Again, The Blackhawks Are Bringing Back A Former Player

Just kidding, I love Sheldon Brookbank. Guys like him are a special breed. Tough dude who never said no to a fight, but rarely ever won. I love that kind of guy. Gotta be tough to never say no. I met him at a party randomly last April and tried to convey that to him…it didn’t go over well. Nobody likes to hear that they suck at fighting.

Anyways, the Rockford guys and his former teammates all speak highly of him. He’s also worked well with Colliton in Rockford and there had been whispers that Brookbank would get the call at some point. I would’ve guessed that the change would’ve happened next year, but here we are. AND…in Colliton’s introductory press conference the brass said that Colliton would have autonomy to hire or fire anyone he wants. That appears to be true now. I didn’t believe it at the time. Maybe this is the end of Barry Smith. I’ll never forget his eyes.

Barry Smith 1

Barry Smith eyes