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Jay Gruden Will Be Back As Coach Next Year And That Is A-Ok

Not a surprise that Jay Gruden will be back on the sidelines in Landover next year. Not a surprise at all. Once he cut Swearinger, with Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder’s permission of course, it was obvious he’d be back. And it’s fine. Jay Gruden is a serviceable coach. He’s not a world beater, but he’s not the nut worst either. He’s…fine. And that’s what Dan and Bruce want. Someone who won’t ruffle feathers, someone who won’t get out of line. Players like playing for him, and he doesn’t cross management. He’s the perfect Redskins coach and I have a feeling he’s the new Marvin Lewis with how safe he is.

If they let him go, who in their right mind would come coach here? I mean think about it, remember when he hired Zorn as the QB coach and then promoted him to head coach because we couldn’t find a single qualified person to take the job? Nothing has changed. Actually, I take that back…things have gotten worse. Nobody will come take this job in this shit fire of an organization that can do the job better than Jay. People would rather be an assistant in a real organization than have to work under Snyder and Allen. Just how it is.

So hey, welcome back Jay. Seems like a good dude. Probably going to be coach for life. Fire Bruce Allen.