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The Redskins Streak Of Years Without An All Pro Is Extended!

Fuck yeah! Who said the Redskins can’t put together winning streaks? Suck brick. All 19 years Snyder has owned the team, and every year since 1996, the Skins have failed to have a first team All-Pro. I mean yeah some of that comes down to dumb voting, clearly Trent Williams, Sean Taylor, Champ Bailey, and some others were good enough to make it, but alas, they were not. It’s almost impossible to go 22 years since an All Pro, and have the last one be your punter, but that’s the state of the Redskins. Ironically, Tress Way should have without a doubt been 1st team All Pro this year but such is life when you play on the Skins.

Not to be outdone, here’s a doozy:

ZERO. WE ARE THE ONLY TEAM WITH ZERO. That’s an entire generation. The Lions and Browns are ahead of us. Houston became a team like yesterday and have 2. The Jaguars have FIVE. Downright depressing.

Fire Bruce Allen PLEASE. And hopefully Dan Snyder drives his car off a mountain too.


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