Wait, Kawhi Thinks Spurs Fans Booed Him Because Of The Media?

Toronto Raptors v San Antonio Spurs

So we all saw the reaction Kawhi got in his return to SA last night. However, seeing this quote about it from Kawhi made me do a double take

The reception didn’t surprise Leonard.

“No,” Leonard said. “Media does a great mind to stir people’s minds and to influence them to think a certain way. So, I already knew how that was going to be the way the media was.”

I’m sorry what? Didn’t Chris Webber say something similar to this during the broadcast too? On what planet does this make any sense? I can assure you, Spurs fans weren’t brainwashed to hate Kawhi because of the media. Maybe it had something to do with his whole refusal to play and demand his way out. Something tells me that might rub fans the wrong way no matter what the media says.

And what about when Tony Parker called out Kawhi during the season? Remember when he came back sooner from his injury and he said it was 100x worse? The there was Manu who called him out that same year for not doing enough to be part of the team and build a relationship with this teammates. Was that the media too? Then there was David Robinson who talked about how Kawhi didn’t return his calls. You think Spurs fans are going to be cool with you blowing off DAVID ROBINSON? So please Kawhi, explain to me how this is the media’s doing. Sounds to me like it was your own actions that are the cause of these boos you heard last night.

So let’s think about this for a second. If everything still happened the way it did, but the media didn’t say a word about it, does Kawhi think he would get cheered? Have some self awareness for me one time. Yes it’s true that there are two sides to every story and the general public may not know all the specifics, but there was enough evidence from actions done by Kawhi himself that were enough for fans to be upset with him. To think that this was just some media conspiracy to drum up some fake drama is just such a bad look. It’s OK, take some responsibility and move on.

Fans aren’t stupid. They don’t do things just because the media tells them to. It’s just such a ridiculous take to think that last night went down how it did because the media influenced Spurs fans to think a certain way. Grow up.